About Us

Esolve is a professional infrastructure and environmental services company. Our multi-disciplinary teams specialize in helping our clients to improve and enhance the communities they work in through sustainable infrastructure design and development. We look forward to solving your problems with lasting solutions.

Esolve knows how to develop urban landscapes in a sustainable way. Our expertise lies in urban water resources management and infrastructure development. We want to disseminate experiences gained here and abroad to change water utilities management and urban development for better. Esolve does it using world class innovative thinking and computational technologies.

Water is an essential element of survival. At the same time, it has the potential to become a lethal carrier of diseases in the form of contaminated water distribution network, sewer overflow, exposure to floodwater etc. Consider these facts along with two realities. The first reality is, this resource is getting more scarce and valuable every day and the second reality is, by 2030; about 60% of global population will live in cities. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative to utilize water resource in the most efficient way for urban sustainability. Esolve has sustainable and integrated solutions for these emerging water issues.

Our Vision
Be at the forefront of domestic development and international frontiers. Dedicated to our
localities, our clients, our industry.

Our Mission
The experts who listen and deliver appropriate, innovative and sustainable solutions.

Our Values
Teamwork, Integrity, Innovation, Sustainability.

At Esolve, we recognize that proper infrastructure development goes hand in hand with effective urban planning. We offer comprehensive solutions for sustainable urban planning and development. Our expertise in land use planning, coupled with transportation planning will ensure proper distribution of residential and commercial localities, easy access to all urban amenities without any traffic congestion. Esolve applies geographic information system (GIS) technology and modeling tools for planning purposes.

Our core expertise is in design and analyses of water distribution networks, both sanitary and storm wastewater collection networks. To make the design robust and sustainable, we develop master plans, long term control plans (LTCP) that articulate proper water demand distribution, accessibility of consumer to water infrastructures, future demand projections, fire flow provision, energy efficient pump operation schedule, pressurized 24 hr water supply, etc. Esolve’s portfolio of experience covers existing infrastructure analyses to address issues such as combined sewer overflow (CSO), sanitary sewer overflow (SSO), non-revenue water (NRW) management, water efficiency auditing etc.

Esolve answers the sustainability question with regulatory compliance. We identify and quantify potential downstream impacts of infrastructure development and provide appropriate remedial solutions. Esolve appreciates the power of communication. We support our clients with stakeholder dialogues, public survey, focus group discussion, etc.

Esolve’s vision is to become the leading consulting firm that supports private developers, industries, utilities, NGOs and local authorities. We provide a multi-disciplinary (360 degree) approach to provide innovative solutions to their development projects. We apply our analytical skills from the individual building scale up to the suburb / town scale. Esolve resides in a global workplace. In this highly integrated knowledge-based economy, the experience of our specialists can be utilized through outsourcing. Esolve has the track record of working remotely and delivering quality service at competitive costs. Esolve is also committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR). We offer our innovative services to the developing world at an affordable rate. Our multi-disciplinary team value integrity, innovation and client satisfaction as core values. We look forward to provide lasting solutions to your development problems.

Why you should hire us?

If you happen to be a private land developer, we don’t need to remind you how competitive the business is. However, in every competitive business; product differentiation makes the difference between the leader and rest of the pack. Esolve can introduce a unique proposition in your offerings to your clientele. A bulk of your clients happens to be expatriates in US, Australia, Canada who want to own an address in Bangladesh. They are used to planned developments, advanced utility services in the west and appreciate the conveniences. Surely, they will value availability of similar services while making their property investment decisions. Our experts have gained education, professional experiences in USA, Australia. They have engaged in developing the very infrastructure services your clients want. With Esolve’s extensive experience and access to sophisticated modeling technologies, your project will boast world standard water utilities.

Esolve professionals have been engaged in various public infrastructure projects across Bangladesh. Clearly, our combined experience of 40 years will be able to address your specific concerns. Esolve believes in Bangladesh’s development trajectory. We want to grow along with the localities we serve. We also believe in Client relationship and sustainability of our projects. Therefore, you have a long term partner in us who will stay involved with you all along the project life-cycle.

Esolve has access to latest modeling and GIS technologies developed by Bentley, DHI, ESRI etc. Our experts are also adept in free modeling solutions such as SWMM, EpaNet. Our professionals have worked in leading consultancy service providers in US. We are confident of providing you a solution that is a right fit for your utility. Outsource your project and we will provide you the service at a competitive rate without compromising on quality.


360 Degree Analyses for Development With a Difference